My Thrill Club Unboxing


Come along with me as I unbox my October #mythrillclub box. This box came in late due to shipping issues. This is the first time that this has occurred. I’ve been receiving this box since January 2020. Their customer service was awesome and resent the box immediately.

There are different choices you can receive: horror, thriller, or mystery. You can also choose the “surprise me” option. This option will give you a mix of these genres. I pay for the #horror box each month.

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Cost: $18.99 per month

As I unbox these books, I will be giving you my first impressions of these books based on the book covers and their synopsis. Later I will come back and give another first impression as I begin to read the first few chapters. In those posts, I will talk more about the author’s writing style and how I am initially feeling about what I have read at that point.

Leave me some comments about what you thought of these books.

Have you read them?

Have you read these authors before?

Any horror book recommendations you would like for me to read?

Wicked River

My first impression of this book is “WOW!” The prologue, though not labeled as such, of this book sets the stage for a very engaging and action packed story. It appears to be a grab you by the seat of your pants type of book and simply takes off. I can’t wait to dive further into this book and see where it takes me!