Love at Carlyle’s


Author: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

Genre: Romance, Menage

Series: Yes. Love on the Rocks.

Precious O’Connell is in hiding. She’s been betrayed, lied to, and used. She swears to never trust again, until she enters Carlyle’s Bar and restaurant. She is drawn to the town as well as her landlord, Cavanaugh, her training instructor at the dojo, Magnum, and her boss at the bar, Carlyle. Then she finds out they’re brothers and she isn’t exactly ready, or willing, to follow her heart or her gut and to trust them, never mind love them.

Precious is trying to keep her past a secret, but these three brothers have a way of drawing information out of her and making her want things she always feared. Living in a dream state and falling in love, she’s off her guard and her game when the men hunting her find her and take her away. She’s back on her own, fighting to survive and feeling like this time she will die, when the brothers come to her rescue and help her to end the danger once and for all.

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I truly enjoy this story. You follow Precious as she tries to overcome all that life has thrown her way. She hasn’t had the easiest of lives, and tries her hardest to take care of her younger sister from an early age. Experiencing betrayl upon betrayal, she has to flee where she lives and goes into hiding from two very bad drug lords who want her dead after doing a job for them.

While in hiding, she meets each of the Mathus brothers one at a time. She has a huge chip on her shoulder and doesn’t make it easy for them to get to know her. Despite the instant attraction, she has a difficult time letting down her guard due to all that life has thrown at her. I love getting to see such a strong woman slowly letting go of her past and letting others in. She doesn’t let those experiences taint her and she is able to open her heart, not to just one individual, but to all three.

This story is so heart warming and a great reread for me. Though it is a menage style book, it doesn’t focus just on that aspect. It is just one small component to this book. None of the brothers have any intimate contact with one another. Most of the love scenes are between one of the brothers with Precious. Only occassionally do all for have an intimate scene.

If you are new to this genre, this would be a great introduction to this genre. The love story is what keeps me coming back and wanting to reread this book time and again. I hope that if you pick this book up, that you let me know your thoughts on it too!

Rating: 5 out of 5.